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The key is to emphasize what you do have and to detract from what you don't.Buy only the clothes that you know you'll put on over and over …Yes, there is a thing or two to be aware of when it comes to this sexy contraption that keeps a woman's breast looking lifted and perky.For years I have personally avoided wearing under-wire bras. [Read more...]WOMEN’S HEALING CIRCLE: YOUR NEXT BEST SELF – EVOLUTION OF STYLE By Nicole Foos Hello!They found that names with negative connotations, such as "Little" or "Bugg", are often linked with inferiority, while light-hearted screen names, like Fun2bwith, are more likely to result in a date.Men are more attracted to names that suggest physical appearance, such as "Blondie" or "Cutie", whereas women prefer names that show intelligence, such as "Cultured".Expressing an interest in particular hobbies appeals to prospective dates, too.

Ladies notice the details, so from your shoes to your shirt to your facial hair, if you botch something major (read: wearing flip flops to dinner), you risk looking like a crackhead who doesn’t value the fact that a woman gave up her time to hang out with you. If you’re taking the casual route, nice fitting jeans in a dark wash, a clean pair of boots (Clark’s or Frye boots are always winners), and a sweater or button-down shirt will suffice.[Read more...]Five “Bad” Things That Are Actually Good for Your Skin By Rose Cole *Chocolate (yeah!): Women in a German study who downed a cocoa-rich drink daily – the equivalent of 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate – for 12 weeks experienced less dryness.Lindsey, 28, said she was surprised that her picture in a colourful dress (right) got more attention.She thought black was more flattering and didn't expect men to pay attention to her outfit while browsing a dating site Kimberly, aged 23, was one of five women who took part in the dating website experiment.

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