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A Canadian couple's dream engagement took a dramatic turn when the hot air balloon they was flying in was forced to make a crash landing.

Stephen Martin had long planned to pop the question to his partner, Christine Peters, while flying above Edmonton.

Raphael in the fall of 2002, I was disappointed to see that there were no male members from my age group that lived in my area.

But about a month later I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message from Rod, who lived just minutes away.

While maintaining a neutral tone, the investigation found badly programmed radios, vague updates, and a 33-minute communication blackout just before the flames engulfed the men.

Investigators did not consider whether better communication might have saved the men.

We both have a strong Catholic faith which was very important to both of us when looking for a future partner.

It didn't take long for us to meet in person, which we did at my parish.

Jeffrey Scott filmed the fall as the balloon came down through the trees, and then bounced along the ground a handful of times.A three-month investigation into the June deaths of 19 firefighters killed while battling an Arizona blaze cites poor communication between the men and support staff, and reveals that an airtanker carrying flame retardant was hovering overhead as the firefighters died.All but one member of the Granite Mountain Hotshots crew died June 30 while protecting the small former gold rush town of Yarnell, about 80 miles northwest of Phoenix, from an erratic, lightning-sparked wildfire.to film a video – featuring her dog Harley – in which she breaks down all the reasons that dogs are better than people.“Dogs are better than people for so many different reasons, one of them being their unconditional love,” Kate says in the clip. Even when you’re sad and sick, they can tell.” “Dogs are always happy to see you – after a long trip, you smell bad, after a workout, you’re a sweaty mess – they still want to run up to you and snuggle,” she continues.

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