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from Brooklyn, NY for suggesting this week’s topic: Online dating, once a fringe and stigmatized activity, is now over a billion industry.Over 40 million Americans have given online dating a try, and over a of the American couples married between 20 met online.* So when you get on the big stage, be confident in yourself and act as though your encounter with them is no big deal. * Whether you talk to them in class, or the lunch line, talk about things you know, because getting stuck with nothing to talk about can become very awkward. The next step is how you are composed while talking to that special someone. Girls, When you act spazzy and giggly, its really a turn off to guys. Don’t get me wrong, Guys love making girls laugh, its probably the best thing a guy could do, but don’t spas out and turn a normal conversation into a train wreck. According to Melissa Walker from Girls Life magazine August 2009 issue, “Girls will do anything to help themselves get the attention away from other girls, but little do they know, guys don’t really like that”. On the other hand, Guys, don’t let little things bother you, especially around girls. Most people who use dating services are open and sincere in providing details and purposes of connecting, however there are special cases.You should know how to protect yourself when communicating via dating sites. Selecting a particular dating site can be a problem as there are so many options.Specific Purpose: To tell my audience about social networking as a modern relationship problem. Attention-getter: Do you know that, in near future, most children will tell that their parents met online? Thirty seven percent list themselves as single, 31 percent married, 24 percent “in a relationship,” 5 percent engaged and 3 percent claim “it’s complicated.” Many people say that social networking has changed dating for the worse. Thesis: It’s just Facebook – can it really cause many problems in romantic relationships? Social networking causes people in relationships to over-analyze their partner’s online activity.

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