Ps3 crashes when updating youtube updating white ginger jar lamps

Still, I don’t see myself using this app until it’s fixed.So I love the update, but my 24/7 server (which I would like to keep online..know...24/7) crashes at least once per hour, usually about twice per hour.For free and easy download, you can use a reliable software such as i Tube Studio for Mac (or i Tube Studio for Windows).This free You Tube downloader is free and perfectly safe without the annoying ads, with no waiting and without an internet connection.Now you can't pause videos with the start button, and videos will freeze for a second or 2 every single time one of my friends log in or out.It literally would have taken 20 seconds to find both these unacceptable problems if they had done any QA at all. Omfg I now have to use another account to watch my youtube on ps3 as my friends are constantly logging in and out which freezes the dumb ass youtube app...I understand new updates are bound to be buggy, but this renders the game basically unplayable (or at least, unsave-able).It either saves, plays as normal for a few moments (about 1-2 minutes), then says "An error has occurred. " at which point I click "Yes" then "Cancel" when it asks me to save.

To its credit, the remote control feature worked fine on my mobile devices.

It was doing this before the recent update so I fully expected the last update to fix the issue but no its still the same bs.

Honestly, haven't used youtube app in my ps3 for ages.

This smart downloader also provides settings such as Shutdown, Sleep or Exit programs allowing you to leave your computer on to download videos.

Why Choose This You Tube to PS3 Downloader: Below are commonly reported PS3 You Tube not working problems that may annoy even the most patient user along with suggested solutions that may prove to be useful even to the "technically challenged" among us.

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