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Aircraft Configuration Specialist Location: Bridgewater, Virginia Job Description: This role exists to support the Aircraft Records and Certification department by supporting and tracking aircraft configuration changes, configuration management and auditing of aircraft records and maintenance programs.Job Responsibilities: CLICK HERE TO APPLY: https://home.com/recruit/?id=15458901 Return to Administrative/Other Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc.

If the aircraft is operated for hire over water and beyond power-off gliding distance from shore, approved flotation gear readily available to each occupant and, unless the aircraft is operating under part 121 of this subchapter, at least one pyrotechnic signaling device. Many aircraft owners might be surprised to find that there are multiple violations for flying an aircraft that is not airworthy.FAR 3:5(a) means the aircraft conforms to its type design and is in a condition for safe operation.With this definition in mind, it is important to understand who is responsible for determining the airworthiness of the aircraft prior to flight.This subject report will discuss this and other information relating to aircraft airworthiness.

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The FAA is very clear in its intent that only airworthy aircraft should be operated.

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